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China Belt and Road Data Industry Development Co., Ltd. established in Hong Kong, China;


Malaysia Big Data Co., Ltd. established as a joint venture in Malaysia;


Philippines-Asia Big Data Co., Ltd. established as a joint venture in Philippines;


European Data United Co., Ltd. established in Luxembourg;


Middle East Big Data Co., Ltd. established in Dubai;


Jusfoun and Shantou Municipal Government jointly invested in and established the Overseas Chinese Big Data Co., Ltd. for the purpose of uniting overseas Chinese, promoting the integration and application of overseas Chinese data;


Jusfoun and Gansu Provincial Governments jointly invest in and establish Silk Road Big Data Co., Ltd, the only company with the ‘Silk Road’ title that is committed to promoting data connectivity among countries in Asia and Europe.

By 2020, Jusfoun plans to have established seven centers around the world, build partnerships with more international organizations and make further joint commitments to global digital development.