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Jusfoun reaches a strategic cooperation with China-ASEAN Information Harbor Co., Ltd., to jointly expand data connectivity across and between Southeast Asian countries;


Jusfoun works with Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) to build a China-Singapore Big Data Lab;


12 governments and investment agencies from Estonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Slovenia visit Jusfoun to discuss exchange of data.


Invited by the UK Department for International Trade, Jusfoun conducts exchanges of Big Data technology cooperation with University College London and the University of Cambridge;


Jusfoun Executives visit Silicon Valley to exchange data technology with global giants, including Google, Facebook, Tesla, Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters;


A delegation, with some one hundred delegates, representing 22 countries, visits Jusfoun to explore a model of digital cooperation and collaboration. Delegates  represent Bulgaria, Belarus, Venezuela, Honduras, Peru, Chile, Cuba, Palestine, Jordan, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mauritius, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Sri Lanka;


Coordinated with China Center for Promoting the Belt and Road Initiative, National Development and Reform Commission, held the Artificial Intelligent and Big Data Forum-“Digital Economy Fusions the Silk Road and Artificial Intelligence Shaping the Future”. Delegates representing 20 countries attended the forum, including commercial counselors, consuls of embassy in China and trade representatives.


Jusfoun was invited and attended 2018 China Investment Forum held in Prague, the Czech Republic for exchanging of digital economy development and Big Data application;


Jusfoun visited The Chinese Southeast European Business Association (in Croatia) and reached a consensus on cooperation of digitalization commerce, tourism and communication;


Reached consensus with Maldives Tourism Administration on tourism Big Data and joint promotion of digital tourism in Maldives;


Reached consensus with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation on promoting the cooperation in the field of digital economy; and reached consensus with Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs on promoting the cooperation of establishing market price monitoring Big Data platform;


Reached consensus with Cambodia and jointly promote the establishment of smart tourism platform;


Reached consensus with Laos and jointly promote the establishment of single variety of agricultural products traceability application platform;


Reached consensus with the Philippines and jointly promote cross-border transfer facilitation application platform;


Have interaction with London and Partners Limited on the Belt and Road and reached consensus on strengthening cooperation;


Reached consensus with Tajikistan on the establishment of financial Big Data platform and investment trading promotion Big Data platform.